Graham Nash believes that voter apathy is what led to Donald Trump winning the presidency in 2016. Nash has just released his double-disc compilation Over The Years. . . showcasing his career as one of the most prolific political songwriters in rock.

Nash told us that the voters that stayed home from the polls last Election Day essentially enabled the current events and scandals seeping out of the White House: “48 percent of the people eligible to vote in this country didn't vote. Now, some of them were probably (thinking) 'Maybe Hillary (Clinton's) going to run away with it, so why bother?' Some of 'em were lazy. Some of 'em don't give a (beep) — but 48 percent. Remember a couple of years ago when there was voting in the Middle East and the people used to put their finger in the little purple dye to register that they voted? That was a death sentence for many people! They got shot because they voted. And now 48 percent of our people didn't vote? And look what we got.”