Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell is already considering posthumous Tom Petty projects — including the long-awaited Wildflowers box set and a collection culled from the band's 1997 20-show run at San Francisco's Fillmore. Campbell told Rolling Stone, “For me, that was almost the pinnacle of the band just being totally spontaneous night to night to night. We might throw in a Grateful Dead song that we just learned that afternoon. We recorded every show and we had guest artists from Bo Diddley to Roger McGuinn to John Lee Hooker. And I know, in my memory of those 20 nights, there’s an amazing album in there.” Campbell also said that if there's a demand, deluxe editions of key albums from Petty's catalogue could be in the cards.

Campbell spoke about what can be deemed releasable from the Heartbreakers' collection of live tapes, adding, “Before we went digital, we just made analog recordings here and there. But most of the digital recordings we have are just the same songs over and over. I don’t know how much interest there will be in them, but they’re all earmarked and just sitting there. I’d be hesitant to release anything that wasn’t great, though. Some nights, guitars were out of tune or someone sang out of pitch. You have to be careful compromising Tom’s excellence because he liked stuff to be good.”

Longtime Heartbreakers producer/engineer Ryan Ulyate said that the Wildflowers box set that Petty had been working on seems likely to see release: “I see that in the cards. It’s going to be fantastic.”

Tom Petty said that his main mission when hitting the studio is that he makes honest, original, and authentic music: “We just wanted to make an album. It sounds like a novel idea, but just where it's all human beings playing the music, y'know? Where guys actually play a drum and play the guitar and sing with each other and all stand there together and do it. And that's really what I know best and enjoy the most.”