Like most of you I can say that going into 20-20 I had high hopes that the New Year with high hopes.  Then 19 happened.


Now 20-20 pretty much sucks.

I’m not complaining.  Maybe just a little.  OK I am complaining a lot.

We first started to hear the rumblings about Covid 19 in December and as it spread across the globe the panic began.

People were hoarding toilet paper, I still don’t know why, but the marketplace is not built for panic buying and because of panic we had shortages.   I am so thankful for Newspapers still printing!

Then came the self-isolation, the working from home and the daily updates and the debates on social media if we went to far or didn’t do enough.  I honestly see both sides of that issue because of the economic damage it has caused.  However how do you put a price on life?   You can’t!

Now as we slowly start recovery, I ask this question and it’s a question that I believe has no answer.

How do gage success or failure?

You might have measure’s in your mind that are completely different than mine or anybody else.


Added note

I will be gone a couple of day’s next week.  Think back to the fall of 2019.  I had 3 surgery’s in just a over two months’ time.  Two of the surgeries were on my left wrist. The fist one placed screws and hardware the second was to remove the hardware.  The third surgery was neck fusion surgery.

My problem is my wrist.  The Dr said the screws did not stay and the joint in my wrist was moving out of place.  So back to the hospital Monday (I hope more later) and the need to be off the air for a couple of days.

Now more on the I hope.  This is elective surgery and with the amount of Covid 19 cases rising in Cache Valley I hope the powers that be don’t shut us down this weekend.

Like I said 20 20 sucks