I still say ya’ll, and I guess I always will!

Over the past few days I have been thinking about my days in Radio.   A job I have had since I was in high school in Memphis Tennessee.

I have had people ask me how I got rid of my southern accent.  I will say ‘INCREIDIBLE TALENT” LOL.  Not really I had to work at it even if I did not have a strong accent.

Yes I said Ya’ll and every soft drink was a coke but I worked hard at my accent.   I even sat in a room with a tape recorder reading a first grade reader.  You see southerners pronounce some words a little different the word nine, mine, five were really hard for me to pronounce correctly and these practice sessions helped.

Then after graduation, I left Memphis to go to school at RICKS now B-Y-U, Idaho.   Southern accent in hand and I learned to use it to my advantage.   HOW?

As I would met people and they would find out I was from the south they would ask.  SPEAK SOUTHERN FOR ME!  I would lay on the accent thick, you would think it was a Jeff Foxworthy routine.  But Jeff wasn’t doing standup at the time.  It gave me a change to work on how I pronounced words because I would exaggerate each southern word and as I did this I found myself slowly losing my southern accent.   Sort of

I can still slip into a pretty good accent.   An accent I am extremely proud of.   I love knowing I grew up in the south even with all its problems.    Not saying I want to live there because I haven’t been back for 25 years.   I am perfectly happy right here YA’LL.

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