I have been thinking about this for a few days, what is it?  How to say GOODBYE.   No I am not leaving KOOL.  But I just noticed that a phrase is starting to take the word Goodbye away from our everyday use.

For the past few weeks whenever I am in a store it seems like the clerk always says to me “HAVE A GOOD ONE”  I use it too but it makes me think. “Have a good….what”?  I guess it is a universal way to say GOODBYE.

There are several way to say GOODBYE.  You could sing it.

Or you could say things like farewell, take care, bye, see you later, or as they say in TN see ya’ll later. Catch you later, or as they said during the CB craze Catch you on the Flip Flop.  You can do the 6o’s PEACE.

You could even use another langue.

Adios, Cia, or Sayonara.

Why Mick Foley and WWE hall of fame wrestler had a bestselling book called ‘HAVE A NICE DAY’

I guess I will just close this blog by saying.  I AM OUT OF HERE.   But I prefer the way I close my show each and every day a salute to my Southern Heritage.


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