The greatest super hero of all time in my opinion and since this is my blog it is the opinion that counts is


Today in 1915 Bob Kane was born.  His mind gave us THE BATMAN!

From his debut in Detective comics #27 until today Bat fans have followed the crime fighting efforts of The Caped Crusader in books ,TV shows , movie shorts and feature link films both live action and animated.  (I recommend the animated films).

Like many in my generation I became a Batman man with a POW- ZAPP- KABOOM of the old Batman TV classic.  I love them all.

I guess the morality play of The Batman has been the magnet for me.  Knowing here was a man who lost his parents who wanted to do the right thing was in part my story.  I lost my Dad when I was four and despite some missteps along the way I wanted to be like Batman.  And if I got to knock out a couple bullies along the — even better.

Yes, I was bullied a lot as a kid and only wanted to fight as a last resort.  I had a lot of last resorts until puberty set in and my bullies didn’t grow as much as I did.   I PUT BATMAN WHOOPING ON THEM!

Now as an older man I still am a Batman Man, reading comics and colleting Comic books I look forward to the time I retire sit in my recliner with a Batman comic and fall asleep so I can dream of fighting The Joker, The Riddle and other villains.  But really look forward to dreams about THE CATWOMAN


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