This morning I read a story in the New York post that one In three of use can’t go through a meal without their phone!   I couldn’t believe it

I DO THAT!  You would think someone my size wouldn’t let anything distract him when there is food around.  However I am guilty!   I play games, I check Facebook, and I even eat.

On Wednesday afternoon I was playing a stupid game on my phone and thought “I am so lazy. I have things I need to do, yet here I am trying to get little colored shapes to match up and uncover the gold! So what am I going to do about it?  Probably nothing!  No really I am going to make an effort to cut back on the use of the device and work on other projects.

If you want to tell a bad joke to your kids about their use of phone here goes. “You kids and your phones, why back in my day the only apps I cared about during dinner were the appetizers!

Notice Fozzy is wearing a St Louis Cardinals baseball cap.  GOOD MAN!

In the stupid news this morning there was a story about a man getting stopped by the cops in North Dakota and for some reason it caused me to remember something that happened to me years ago on I-40 in New Mexico?

I was helping my sister move to Salt Lake city and was driving a van full of her stuff when traffic came to a standstill about 15 miles east of Albuquerque New Mexico because of a major accident.  So we wait for traffic to start moving along very slowly.  It was stop and then move a few feet, this went on for about an hour.  One of the times when we were inching our way along a Semi pulled up next to us and it was hauling PIGS!  I probably made come Convoy jokes about those pigs getting intense.

As I sat there , with the window rolled up for obvious reason one pig got his rear end an poked his little curly tail through one of the holes in the trailer.  Yep my view for about 5 minutes was a Pig Butt!  Then Nature called and this pig didn’t have call waiting and YUK!  Boy was I glad when traffic started moving again!

On the morning show today I found something that will improve my health without exercise or veggies.    Plus we talked New Year’s Resolutions and the Tide Pod Challenge

Later in the morning I realized I was wearing a Shelby Mustang Shirt today!

Stupid news:  Don’t drive too slowly, the mail must go through and Big Mama is dead!


Laff lines:  Free stuff at work