I am a 60 year old man that knows little about technology.   I know just enough to surf the web, use the computer at work and I have a Smart Phone that makes me feel dumb.

I love how the latest tech helps simplify our lives.  SIMPLIFY ARE YOU KIDDING.   Think about it, the 1st few times you try to use new tech it is one of the most frustrating things in life.   Don’t get me started on when the tech doesn’t work the way it is should.

So here it is Christmas time and you might be giving or get tech.  One of the hottest gifts this year will be the Tech assistants where you say things like “Alexa help me understand how to use this &^%$!

A new survey we talked about this morning found 60% of us plan to give someone a gadget for Christmas this year.  But be careful with older relatives . . . because you also have to be their TECH SUPPORT!  I NEED HELP!

90% of millennials in the survey said they’ve had to help a family member with a tech gift.  Either setting it up for them, or teaching them how to use it.  Sometimes both.

50% said they’ve spent more than an hour helping an older relative with a tech gift.  The gifts that require the most time are new phones, computers, and tablets.

Sometimes all that time and money are just a waste though.  32% of people in the survey said they have at least one family member who doesn’t use a gadget they got, because they still don’t know how.

Honestly, it is fun to learn how to use this tech, frustrating sure and some people just don’t want to learn how to do it.  I understand those thoughts but dang those games on my Smart phone are fun!!

Merry Tech Christmas

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