Am I bitter, kinda, sorta, and kinda sorta almost?


It was 20 years ago like most of Utah and southern Idaho I was glued to the NBA Finals rooting for my beloved Utah Jazz to win game six against the Chicago Bulls and the greatest of all time Michael Jordan and then IT happened.  Watch this and you will see IT.

Did he push off or did he not?  It’s 20 years later and the debate continues I say yes he did.  His hand clearly on Russel’s butt pushing him away and he hit the shot that won the game and championship for DA BULLS   Congrats to the Bulls and the Bulls fans.

The push off bothers me to this day.  Why?  The NBA to this day gives NBA stars the benefit of the doubt on lots of calls.   Jabarr and his hook show that could have been called traveling most of the time.  How many times did Shaq take 4 and 5 steps to the basket and to be fair a bunch of NBA stars back in the day said Stockton and Malone played very physical games?

There is another IT.  That was not the biggest call in the game.  Last year in the USA today wrote this

“The most underrated aspect of this sequence is Jordan’s steal. He doesn’t hesitate to double Karl Malone and pries the ball away form that year’s league MVP without fouling.

The most overrated aspect of this sequence? Jordan’s supposed push-off on Bryon Russell. A slight nudge? Maybe. He definitely did not push Russell.”

I agree the steal was the play of the game and it was a great steal but I still say MJ pushed off and it should have been called.   I don’t think it would have made any difference but it needed to be called.

I still am a basketball fan and yes I am a Jazz fan.  But do I watch much, NOPE.   The officials do a thankless job, but holy crap they miss a lot of calls.  They are human I know but when a ref becomes the story of a game something is wrong.

So NBA I still love ya, I still follow you, just not as much as I used too.

At least in the WWE the refs are supposed to miss the call.


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