At times in my life I have struggled with the use of FOUR LETTER WORDS.  Well to be truthful I still do…

The use of four letter words is becoming an epidemic that bothers me.  The is one word that is used a lot by youth that is a head scratcher to me.   Watching Live PD I have heard the bad guys call the cops this word.  It is obvious they don’t even know the meaning of the word.   I will not put the word to paper but the word describes a Female Dog.   These bad guys and bad women will call someone there this word.  The time it made me laugh out loud was when the bad guy called a Male policeman this word.  This cop was all man, stand about 6ft 4 and is a body builder.  Oh youth of America you are becoming a female dog!       Sorry.

Here are some alternate words used in TV and Movies

Now back to the struggles.  There have been times when my use of four letter words was something I am not proud of.

Some people have asked me about my family and how they influenced me.   Well here is an example that might explain why I am the way I am.

Mother did not allow four letter words at all and even chastised me for some slang words.  Then there were my sisters.  We came up with a word that we all used in place of four letter words.  DANG FARD!   We used it a lot in place of most four letter words.   Yep, an 8 letter substitute for a four letter word.

My English teacher in the 9th grade had us write papers about the use of words and how we used them.  We also had to read the Dang Fard things in front of the class.  When I said Dang Fard everyone else thought it was another word.  The teacher was upset thinking I was lying about the use of Dang Fard at my house.  My best friend Wayne was in the class and assured the teacher that my family said it all the time.

I even started hearing my Dang Fard classmates using the phrase and that made me so Dang Fard mad.  Those Dang Fards stole my Dang Fard phrase.

Dang Fard was replaced while I was in college. Think about it, can you see some of the leadership at Ricks College freaking when they heard me say DANG FARD! The replacement word was something I heard in an obscure sitcom.   I can’t even remember the name of the show but they had a character named Frog.  A good ole boy kinda like me and when something would happen he didn’t get bleeped out, no not ole Frog, he would say “DOG MANURE”  I thought it was so funny I stared using it.  It worked!  I still use it when my use of four letter words starts creeping back into my life.

A recent survey asked 2,000 parents for alternate words and phrases they use, so they don’t curse in front of their kids.

“What the frog.”    “Sugar,” instead of the S-word.   “Oh muck.”     “Shitake mushrooms.”  I like that

“Shut the front door.”   “Fire truck.”  “Bull spit.” “Oh ship.”

A few more that ranked a little lower were “fudge,” “nuts,” “shoot,” “for freaks sake,” and “what the heck.”  Or in Utah OH MY HECK

Honestly, I do try to watch my language but I must admit there are times when I let the expletives fly.


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