Well to say that I am in wonder at the human body is an understatement.

The past week has seen me feeling great felling OK and feeling like I could fall asleep standing.

Examples?  Here are a few

Last Wednesday was a great day with beautiful weather and I was feeling good until the evening.   About 5pm I started feeling blah, and by 8pm I was a little sick.  I am not talking Insta Care sick just sick.

All day Thursday I was kind of out of it, functional not bad not good just not feeling well.

Friday and the weekend went great then Monday hit and it was time to say Hey I do not feel good.  I took a couple of naps and felt better.

Tuesday was strange.  I woke up did my job but was I awake?  Not really.  My mind was sharp I could do my job, but I felt like life was in slow motion.  I WAS A SLOTH!

I think I figured it out on Tuesday afternoon.  My hay fever was acting up, my eyes felt swollen and I sneezing, so I took some allergy medication and by 9pm I was back to abnormal.

Today it is Wednesday, and I get a good night’s sleep and feel great.  Allegra is my friend.


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