When you take few days off from work to be home, you usually have a purpose to do it that is unless you are sick.

My work ethic came from my Mother, who would go to work sick a lot unless she thought she was contagious.  I am kind of the same way.  However in my job I usually am by myself playing radio. (Don’t tell anyone but my work is fun).

So it is very unusual for me to miss doing my show on KOOL.  But when the flu bug hits you sometime you don’t have a choice.

Spending time at home gives you a chance to catch up on projects, Bing watch TV or catch up on your reading.

So what did Dave do on his time off?  I slept a lot had the TV on but rarely watching and my stack of Spider-man comic books that over the past month has shrunk but 2 books.

I spent a lot of time staring at the wall or just giving up and closing my eyes and taking a nap.   My wife said that that was my body trying to heal itself.  I thought it was because I was sleepy, LOL

Now that I am on the road to recovery I have found out that as I age I don’t bounce back so fast.  I have pushed myself a little bit too much the past three days and has some small relapses, including Tuesday evening where I had to cancel something I really was looking forward to

So if you have been ill don’t be like me, Let your body heal.


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