Growing up I tried to play baseball but I lacked something.


I was big and slow, I could throw the ball far but not accurate. So I went to bench or deep right field.  I was not good.

Today is the opening day for Major Lesage Baseball and no this blog will not be about my love of the St Louis Cardinals (but that is my team).  Today’s blog is all about why I think baseball is such a great sport.

First hitting a major league baseball pitch is so difficult that if you get a hit 3 out of 10 tries you are a star player.

Second fundamentals.  I know fundamentals are important in all sports, but in baseball you have so many players that have to have good fundamentals to be able to put yourself in a winning position.   On defense, not only do you have to field or catch the ball with good fundamentals then you have to be able to throw to the correct base or hit the cutoff man or do you hold the ball and run it into the infield.   Those are all fundamentals and if you watch baseball even major league players struggle with fundamentals at times.

Third the stratagem of the game. The players at bat and the players on the field need to understand the strategy of the game.  That is why the manager and the coaches play such an important role.  There are so many little things to think about and to be on the same page with your teammates that can affect the outcome of each pitch.

Forth the nap.  Yes I said the nap.  I have found over the years watching baseball and enjoying the play by play announcers follow the game and tell stories about the game to be very relaxing and before I know it is nap time.

Fifth following your favorite team and players.  Baseball fans are very loyal to their teams.  Mine is the St Louis Cardinals.  The cards are one of the most popular teams in baseball and when I am out wearing a Card jersey (like I am now) I often get people who just want to talk baseball.

It is difficult when one of your co-workers is a fan of another team.   Here at KOOL, AJ Knight our afternoon DJ is wearing a CUB jersey and you know Cards and Cubs are arch rivals (and it has nothing to do with the St Louis Arch, HA HA HA HA)


But it is ok because its baseball, and it’s back!  So let’s go get a dog some peanuts and soda and watch a couple of game this year.


This I found this about food at the ballparks.   From CBS Sports

It’s opening day for Major League Baseball.  And almost every team is trying to boost ticket sales this year by offering ridiculous food options.  Here’s a round-up of the weirdest new foods you can get at ballparks this season

  1. The Fowl Pole. Rangers games.  It’s a single TWO-POUND chicken tender that comes with ranch and honey mustard.  The Rangers also have Bacon-Wrapped Hot Wings this year . . . and a chicken-and-waffle dish served in a waffle cone.
  2. The Dinger dog at Braves games.  It’s basically a footling pig-in-a-blanket that’s stuffed with cheese.  They also have a “Chicken and Waffle Boat” that comes in a long, hollowed-out waffle bun.
  3. The Coney Island Egg Roll  at Tigers games.  It’s basically a chili cheese dog without the bun, stuffed inside an egg roll, with mustard and onions on top.

4  Twisted Topped Pretzels at Cardinals games.  You get three pretzel twists, topped with pepperoni and cheese . . . buffalo chicken . . . or bacon and cheese.  St. Louis also has a giant, 16-inch-long slice of pizza this year called “The Mega Slice.”

  1. A Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwhich” at Twins games.  It comes with jelly-glazed bacon on toasted sourdough.
  2. AVACADO BITES  , at Yankees Stadium.  Its deep-fried slices of avocado, served with a spicy dipping sauce.
  3. The Pittsburg Cone  at Pirates games.  Kielbasa, pierogis, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing stuffed inside a waffle cone.

8  The Frito pie corn dog  at Astros games.  A foot-long hot dog, covered in crushed-up Fritos, with queso and Texas chili.  The Mets are also selling a “Chili Cheese Crunch Dog” that comes with Fritos on top.

  1. The Donut Burger  at Phillies games.  It’s a bacon cheeseburger with cherry pepper jam.  And the bun is two glazed donuts.
  2. 18 inch hot dogs at  Diamondbacks games . . . because a foot long isn’t enough anymore?  They’re selling three different kinds:  One topped with Reuben mac-and-cheese . . . a bratwurst version topped with fried mac-and-cheese . . . and a breakfast version topped with hash browns, bacon, fried eggs, cheese, and gravy.

The best HEALTHY new option we’ve seen is  THE 32 INGREDIENT SALAD  at Blue Jays games, which is vegan and gluten free.

Oh I could really make a P.I G. pig of myself some of that sounds great but let me remind The Blue Jays

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