The Dodgers and the Astro’s, this is shaping up to be a great world series.

As a lot of you know I am a diehard fan of the St Louis Cardinals.  I have been all my life.  One of my favorite memories of my childhood deals with Cardinal Baseball.  On a weekend trip to see family in Paris TN, I talked my Mom into tuning into a radio station that was airing Cardinal Baseball.  As we got closet the game was tight and I was really into the game.  My cousins were also listening to the Cards and the Pirates on a radio propped into the bedroom window and playing a rousing game of backyard miniature golf.  I joined in the fun but we stopped and really listened to the final three outs.  The drama was building and the Cards won the game 1-0 in a game where the great Bob Gibson pitched a no hitter!

While living near St Louis I attended some baseball games at the old BUSH stadium, including a 14 inning game with the Giants and I sat at the right field flag pole for a game vs the Cubs.  I even got to meet a few players.

My wife and I took some vacation days and drove to Phoenix to see the Cards and the D-backs.  It was July 5th when we pulled into the hotel parking lot it was 115 degrees!   The hotel we booked advertised it was within easy walking distance of the stadium.   EASY, I think not!  It was several huge city blocks and did I say it was 115 outside!   But we loved the games we saw there.

I know there are people who don’t enjoy the game as much as I do, it is a slower pace than football and basketball.  But I love the mind games the players and managers play on each other and is there anything better than your favorite player hitting a home run to win the game.

Dodgers and Astros ! Yep I love baseball

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