We carbon based life forms of planet earth can do some really strange things and sometimes those things hurt.  I was looking at and they had a list of some really unusual way people have hurt themselves.

Here is some of the strange ways others have injured themselves then a list of strange ways I have hurt myself


I dislocated my shoulder after me high fived a friend because we had both just dropped a class.

I had to go to the E.R. because I fell asleep on the toilet and hit my head on the bathroom floor, my girl, and family found me on the floor without pants

I mistakenly used superglue instead of eye drops

Those are pretty bad but a friend once told me I could hurt myself just walking!  He was right!   4 years ago at a remote I was walking and SNAP!   Had to have surgery which and a walking boot which put too much pressure on my right knee which went on to become a total knee replacement

As a child I was jumping on the couch during a Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show hit a vase and cut my hand.

I cut a finger very badly trying to open a can of Tuna fish.

I broke a bone in my foot playing dodge ball in gym class.

I wrenched my back playing foosball. (I am quite the athlete)

I broke a bone in my ankle waling of the Frontrunner when a woman stepped in front of me and trying to be a gentleman I stepped backwards them forwards and SNAP!

My most stupidest ( is that a word?) came when I was in the 11th grade and while at a Church function a man I had known most of my life broke my elbow.

Buddy was training to be a Pro Wrestler and since he knew I loved wrestling was trying to show me a few tricks of the trade.  Well one trick led to me falling (not his fault) and landing wrong and breaking the bone in my left elbow.  I declined surgery but the elbow will not completely go strait.  It is hardly noticeable but on my wrestling Podcast Turnbuckle Trash I get to say that is my injury in the Pro’s.

By the way Buddy quit the wrestling business after a few months.   He took a chair shot to the head and got a concussion and said to me “THOSE METAL CHAIRS HURT”

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