The 1st day of February is here, I can’t believe January 2019 has come and gone.  I guess in part since I have spent the past 2 weeks sick have help time fly along.

Two important things are happening this weekend.  Of course the Super bowl.  Go Snacks ,and Groundhog Day.  Why is Groundhog Day so important – it’s all about the movie I love The Bill Murray movie, but I am disappointed by one thing that some TV network doesn’t take the opportunity to play the Movie 24 hours straight.  It fits the theme of the movie and think of the publicity it would generate for a channel.

Sunday’s Super bowl with the Patriots and the Rams could shape up to be a great one.  I just hope that it is.  I know people who love the Pats and people who hate the Pats.

Who could blame them with cheating allegations and deflated footballs?   There’s Tom Brady who seems to be the perfect man.  One of the great QB’S and not only his own good looks but he is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world.  Those who dislike him often site the deflated footballs, (yeah that was at the very least borderline cheating) but remember he came into the NFL unheralded and made himself into one of the greats.

Then there is Bill!  Coach Belichick- a great coach and someone who does nothing to help his public image.  He mumbles through his press conferences and has been accused of at the very least stretching the rules and at the worst out and out cheating.

I have watched several interviews with him and even a documentary where he comes off a quiet man and a man with a good sense of humor.  It is just sometimes the man cannot get out of his own way.

I really don’t have a favorite in this one – That is not meant to be a PC answer because as you know I am an equal opportunity offender.   I just want a good game a few snacks and a possible nap.

I have long been a critic of the Halftime shows at the Super bowls.  To me, most of the shows are overproduced and some have been AWFUL.

But this Sunday I will be switching to the WWE network for “Halftime Heat “for a six man tag team match streamed live on the network.  It is not the 1st time the WWE has done this in 1999 there was a WWE championship Match with the Rock Vs Mankind.

But the 1st time I remember alternative programing for the half time show was “Men on Football” featuring Performers from the Fox show “In Living Color” Fun but not for kids and in today’s PC climate I don’t think they could do it again.

Have a Great weekend and believe it or not there will be some people that will be watching the PUPPY BOWL!

Today on the morning show we had a JOB SHADOW.  Ashlyn Bair.   Ashlyn also celebrated her 14th birthday on our show today.


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