I have told you many times that I am a St. Louis Cardinal Baseball fan.   That is my team, I don’t think that the cards will contend this year but that is OK I am a fan through thick and thin.  But I like Thick better

It looks like spring is finally here, but wait……… This is Cache valley and anytime another snow storm could hit like it has the past two weekends

You know the saying April showers bring May Flowers we should add one more thing HAYFEVER!  Yep I have hay fever I can only hope this year’s preventive measures act as well as the past few year.

In high school my hay fever would hit so bad people asked me if I was stoned.   Nope, never have never want to. But the swollen eyes the sneezing and the hives can be let’s just put it this a pain *&&^T%$

But spring means green grass, flowers, warmer weather and breaking out the grill!  Burn me some hot dogs, grill a steak, pork chops, grilled veggies.  I think grilled food is the best.  Oh don’t forget the smoker and Dutch ovens.  How I missed those during the winter.

Now back to the snow, I love checking Facebook when we has a spring snow.  Oh the moaning and complaining it get comical because some of you are very creative in your complaints and some of you don’t even curse.

We here in the Rockies can get snow anytime.  On my 24th Birthday in Rexburg I was going golfing with some friends and it snowed?   MAY 30th SNOW! But that doesn’t top June 12th 2002 the winter Olympics were over and I had a major surgery just after the games.  I had a follow up with my Dr in Salt Lake City at the U of U hospital.  Yep it snowed on us from Logan to Salt Lake. JUNE 12TH **&^.

So bring it on, you don’t scare me spring!

Stupid news had a tummy ache, lucky guys and s big ole nanny nanny boo boo.

Laugh lines  is about Hotels