It could be if  you believe this new poll  which  shows the Monday after the Super Bowl is the hardest of the year because everyone’s exhausted . . . bloated . . . and possibly hungover.

This survey found 44% of us think it should be a PAID HOLIDAY.   I really don’t know what to think of that!  I know in the past I have been to Super bowl parties that ended late and I had a 2 hour drive to my home but that was my fault and I went to work , no hangover but boy I was kind of bloated ( I love eating)

The poll went on to find out 52% of us have used a vacation day before, to get today day off.  And 39% of us have used a sick day. (Can’t say I find a whole lot wrong with that)

41% of us expect to be less productive today.  41% also plan on being late to work.  And 38% of us will drink more coffee than normal.

Which isn’t TOO unusual, since on any given Monday, we’re more likely to show up late . . . drink a ton of coffee . . . leave work early . . . and zone out in meetings.

That said, about 40% of people said they might be MORE productive today.  Possibly because so many people call in sick, so there aren’t as many distractions.

So the NFL season is over but football returns Saturday with the XFL!!!

Today the morning show was a wild one with school and snowstorm information

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