Released today (November 1st), is From Out Of Nowhere, the second new album from Jeff Lynne's ELO in only four years. The group's last set, 2015's Alone In The Universe, followed a 14-year break between Lynne's last batch of new songs found on 2001's Zoom.

Lynne spoke to Mojo and explained how the new album came about, recalling, "The record company asked me to do one. I was working on it in 2018, before we went on the big long tour around America, the UK and Europe. I had to say to (Sony Music Group CEO) Rob Stringer, 'I really haven't finished it yet.' He was, 'Fine, we'll wait.' It just wasn't finished to the extent that I like it to be, production-wise, and arrangement-wise. I finally got it -- I sang it better, put more harmonies in. I had a lot of fun, making it better by far than it was the year before."

Jeff Lynne admitted to us that he has an ELO production swimming around in his head every time he begins writing another song: "All the songs I write I think of ‘em as an ELO thing, ‘cause I'm doing it. So they all sound like that to me, because I'm the writer, so they all become ELO songs. Unless somebody asked me for a song particularly, and I have to write one for somebody else."

With past members of ELO both touring behind the band's catalogue and recording new music in recent years, we asked Jeff Lynne whether he felt the need to formally reclaim the ELO brand as his own: "Well, it's not reclaiming -- it's always been mine. But, y'know, there are other groups going out pretending to be ELO. I don't mean the tribute groups -- I mean other people that pretend and sneak under the radar and pretend to be ELO. So, I've just made it so, that if you wanna see the real ELO, it's Jeff Lynne's ELO."