Coming on November 8th is John Fogerty's live album, 50 Year Trip: Live At Red Rocks. A concert film of the Red Rocks concert captured last June in Morrison, Colorado will be shown for one night theatrically — on Veterans Day, November 11th — via Fathom Events. Tickets will go on sale Friday, October 4th via Fathom Events.

Back in March at the “Woodstock 50” roll out at Manhattan's Electric Lady Studios, John Fogerty told us that due to his active service in the Army Reserves, he had a slightly more realistic view of the counter-culture's “them and us” attitudes during the 1960's: “When I would see groups of young protesters, or my friends would like to talk about the war, and the government — and 'everything sucked'; they'd want to, like, show up and hurl epithets — or even spit — at soldiers. And I would tell my friends, some of them were musicians, (I'd say), 'Don't you understand that guy is 19-years-old. He's just like you. He likes everything that you like. He hates this stinking war. The only reason he's doin' it is because he has to. Otherwise, he's gonna go to jail for the rest of his life, or maybe be court marshaled and shot.'”

Because of his him lower middle class upbringing and his own military service, John Fogerty was able to take a long and hard look at how the was in Vietnam shaped a generation of Americans. He recently explained to us that when the muse and the groove come together — like it did for “Fortunate Son” — it's an almost otherworldly experience: “It was just the happiest of things that that first line was 'Some folks are born. . . ' — and then I said something. That gave me a way of accessing the next thought in the next verse. Where did that come from? I don't know. And I didn't know it was comin.' But, the fact that it did that afternoon when I did that, for 'Fortunate Son,' it meant that I was just flyin'! All the stuff just changed. That one took about 20 minutes.”

The tracklisting to 50 Year Trip: Live At Red Rocks is: “Born On The Bayou,” “Green River,” “Lookin’ Out My Back Door,” “Susie Q,” “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” “Hey Tonight,” “Up Around The Bend,” “Rock And Roll Girls,” “I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” “Long As I Can See The Light,” “Run Through The Jungle,” “Keep On Chooglin',” “Have You Ever Seen The Rain,” “Down On The Corner,” “Centerfield,” “The Old Man Down The Road,” “Fortunate Son,” “Bad Moon Rising,” and “Proud Mary.”