Coming on May 24th is the second box set of the Steve Miller Band's career spanning vinyl collection. Following last year's Complete Albums Volume 1 (1968-1976), is the new nine-LP, 180-gram vinyl box set called Complete Albums Volume 2 (1977-2011). The collection spans the band’s multi-platinum 10th studio album, 1977’s Book Of Dreams, through 2011’s Let Your Hair Down, with all the albums newly remastered for vinyl and available now for pre-order.

Each set is also available as individual 180-gram black LP's to be released on the same date, as well as limited edition 180-gram color vinyl discs sold exclusively via uDiscoverMusic.

The Steve Miller Band: Complete Albums Volume 2 (1977-2011) box set includes:

Book Of Dreams - 1977 (HD digital audio release: OUT NOW)

Circle Of Love - 1981 (HD digital audio release: OUT NOW)

Abracadabra - 1982 (HD digital audio release: March 1st)

Italian X Rays - 1984 (HD digital audio release: March 1st)

Living In The 20th Century - 1986 (HD digital audio release: March 8th)

Born 2 B Blue - 1988 (HD digital audio release: March 8th)

Wide River - 1993 (HD digital audio release: March 15th)

Bingo! - 2010 (HD digital audio release: March 15th)

Let Your Hair Down - 2011 (HD digital audio release: March 22nd)

Although Steve Miller is known for keeping on top of all the latest musical technology both in the studio and on the road, he told us that digital is hardly his favorite medium for listening to music: "I prefer to listen to music on vinyl. And when digital first showed up. I thought it was really great, 'cause it was cleaner and there wasn’t tape hiss, and there wasn’t the crackily sound of the vinyl records. And I was over at a musicologist’s house -- a guy that had 10,000 singles. We sat around four about two hours listening to old 45’s -- the worst vinyl there is. Then, we were looking for one song, and he said, ‘Well, I don’t have it on vinyl, I have it on CD' -- and we put the CD on and it was, like, thin and transparent compared to the vinyl. So, vinyl's like a really juicy steak."