Saturday I had one of those choices to make.

I need to mail an item at the Post Office and also need to buy stamps.  When the clerk asked what kind of stamps I wanted?  I almost said “I don’t care” but then I looked to my right and saw the little display of the different stamps available.

Oh boy I had a tough choice to make.

First thing I saw was an Elvis stamp, and being born and raised in Memphis I was saying to myself support your home town!

Beside that my cousin Brenda would hunt me down for not choosing Elvis.  Well Brenda start your hunt! I didn’t chose Elvis but dang I love the King!

Then I notice John Lennon.  The Beatles, I play the Beatles every day and it’s John Lennon.  Besides that my other cousin Randal and one of my best friends Ken would hunt me down if I didn’t chose John Lennon.  Well now I have 3 people hunting me down.

What did I choose?   Well before I tell you let me explain.  I grew up loving all forms of music.  Elvis, John, Roy Orbison, Ricky Nelson, Bachman Turner Overdrive Grand Funk, Earth Wind and Fire, Fleetwood Mac.  Heck I even enjoyed some country.  Conway Twitty, the Sattler Brothers and Ronnie Millsap.

But I would say that the music that really was my favorite growing up.   Motown and classic R and B.  Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, The Temptations, The Four Tops and as I get a little older Marvin Gaye!   As a singer, he was so good at putting emotion into his songs.  Then as a songwriter do you get much better than Mercy, Mercy Me.

I would have been happy with choosing Elvis, or John Lennon but on Saturday morning I had just heard “Ain’t no Mt high enough” Marvin and Tammy and I just had to choose.

Marvin Gaye:

Now if Batman would have been a choice we might have another blog post today.  But I have a book of Batman Stamps framed at my house.


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