Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett said in a video interview for the Toronto musical instrument superstore Cosmo Music that he would love to produce and/or direct a horror movie one day. Speaking in the store's “Rockstars In Cars” video series, Hammett explained, “I've just got to get my s**t together. I have to prioritize, and at this time, music means so much to me and is an obvious strength for me. But I think I could make a really incredible horror film.”

Hammett continued, “One, I need to find the time. Two, I need to find someone else's money. I already have the soundtrack, so part of the work is already done. (Scoring it) would be a huge pleasure for me. I've just got to get it together and find a script and start doing all the groundwork — and that's a lot of work. Ask Slash; ask Rob Zombie.”

Hammett told us not long ago that he's bound to make a horror movie one day: “I think eventually that's probably where I'm gonna go. I'm waiting for the right scenario and, you know, being in Metallica and financing two movies ourselves, I've learned that when it comes to making movies, it's better to use someone else's money. If someone wants to give me like four or five million to make a horror movie, I'll make one. I'll do my best to produce it, I'll do my best to direct it, I'll certainly want to score it.”

Hammett is a lifelong horror fan and counts the original 1931 Frankenstein and Dracula, plus 1932's The Mummy, among his favorite classic horror movies. He also noted that recent remakes of films like Evil Dead and Pet Sematary were “so watered down.”