The Rolling Stones' stage designer Ray Winkler of Stufish reveals that Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts remain very hands on for the band's set designs. During a chat with, Winkler shed light on how the Stones go about creating their massive stage set, explaining, "In the case with the Stones it's definitely Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts who are very involved in the design process. When you meet people like Mick and Charlie in that kind of one-to-one situation they're artists, they want to get a message across. So they don't appear as the pop stars that they are on stage. Mick is incredibly well informed and very articulate."

Winkler went on to say, "Each artist and each band has its own way of working. Some artists who will have a creative director who they work with very closely and who is usually in charge with the overall vision and represents the band. In the case with the Stones it's definitely Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts who are very involved in the design process. (Their lighting designer) Patrick Woodroffe acts as their creative director. He's been with the Stones for a very long time. A lot of the conversations are directly with the band or passed through Patrick. Our job is to take the artists' vision of what they want to do and translating that into a practical solution without losing any of the energy, vibe and spirit of what they are trying to convey, and translate these ideas into a touring structure."

Key pieces and blueprint designs of the Stones' various stages are featured in the band's ongoing multimedia career retrospective, called Exhibitionism. During its inaugural U.S. run in Manhattan, Mick Jagger explained to us how Exhibitionism, with its multi-faceted design and layout, breaks new ground: "You're seeing all the obvious things, y'know, you're seeing a lot of guitars that you'd expect from a rock band -- but you're also seeing the art, you're seeing the staging. There's some really incredible staging -- if you're interested in that kind of thing. And you think, 'Well, who's interested in that?' But, actually, they're really fascinated in those stage things. And when I look at all those, I think, 'Oh, I'm really proud of being involved in this staging.' And I'm still working on staging. And y'know, I mean, like, how are you gonna stage the Desert (Trip) show?"

The Stones' Exhibitionism show -- now retitled "The Rolling Stones Exhibit" -- will open in Sydney, Australia in November 2018.