I found some interesting stuff about Mother’s Day so I hope you enjoy it.

My mother passed away several years ago but she was an incredible woman.  Widowed when I was 4 years old she had to go back to school to support this little brat and my 4 sisters!   Her life made me realize that women are stronger than men in how they deal with some of the difficulties life throws at them.

So for all the Mom’s I say thanks,

 Here is some fun stuff 

 A new survey out for Mother’s Day had people read over a list of phrases moms use all the time with their kids, and pick which ones THEIR mom used.  79% of people said their mom used at least one of them.

Here are the five most common “mom-isms” . . .

  1. “Because I said so.”  43% of people said their mom has used it.
  2. “Don’t worry.  Everything will be okay.”  40% of moms use that one.
  3. “You’ll always be my baby.”  35%.
  4. “I’m always here to listen,” 28%.
  5. “You’re stronger than you think you are,” 26%.

Two more that just missed the top five were, “This too shall pass” at 20% . . . and, “Oh, is THAT what you’re wearing?” at 17%.


There’s some magical force that immediately makes women ALL start doing the same “mom things” once they have kids.  And sure, some moms skip a few of them . . . but no one is totally immune.

A new survey asked people how many of these classic “mom things” their mothers did when they were growing up . . . or still do now.  Check ’em out . . .


  1. Laves you in the grocery store line while she goes to grab one more thing . . . 90% of people’s moms have done that.
  2. Texts with just one finger . . . 83%.
  3. Won’t get you a snack when you’re out because you “have food in the house” . . . 82%.
  4. Gets into never-ending conversations with people she runs into at the store . . . 73%.
  5. Still holds grudges against kids who wronged you years or decades ago . . . 69%.
  6. Tells you that you look beautiful or handsome even when you look terrible . . . 68%.
  7. Holds her arm out in front of you when she slams on the brakes . . . 58%.
  8. Calls celebrities by the wrong name . . . 55%.
  9. Literally always has tissues on her in case you need one . . . 51%.
  10. Hands you mail that was addressed to you that she’d already opened . . . 49%.


Sunday is Mother’s Day . . . and if you haven’t gotten a gift or made reservations yet, well you should get on that.  But here are five OTHER things you can do to impress your mom that are easy and, best of all, FREE . . .

  1. Don’t just be on time to her house or the restaurant, be early.
  2. Sign your Mother’s Day card with more than just your name.  If you’re not great with words, get help from a sibling or a friend.
  3. If your mom is bad with technology, make sure her phone and computer are up to date and working properly.  Or if she needs some quick repairs around the house, offer to take care of them for her or hire someone who can.
  4.  Tell her about how you’ve used at least one piece of advice she’s given you over the years.
  5. As you’re leaving her house, take out the trash.


A new study found the average mom still does a lot more housework than dads do.  I know how SHOCKED you must be right now.

The average mom does 8 hours and 12 minutes of cleaning a week, compared to just 4 hours and 48 minutes for dads.

Moms also average 5 hours and 54 minutes of laundry, while dads spend about 4 hours on it.

And the average mom does 8 hours and 48 minutes of cooking each week compared to about 6 hours for dads.  Which is actually more than we expected.

The survey also found 78% of us are buying a Mother’s Day gift this year.  Here are four more stats about what we’ve got planned . . .

  1. 80% of us are planning a special meal.  About half are going to a restaurant.
  2. 74% of moms will get a Mother’s Day phone call.  About two-thirds will get a text.  So a lot of moms will get both.
  3. Only 50% of moms expect to get a card for Mother’s Day this year.
  4. Just 16% of moms said they’re planning to treat THEMSELVES to something nice.


Now here are some of the fun things we did this week

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