On yesterday’s blog I told the story of one of the most relaxing and fun weekends I have had in a long time.  IT WAS AWESOME!


Yep I had a Monday that was……. Interesting and frustrating at the same time.   Monday’s here at the Cache Valley Media Group tend to be kind of a busy day anyway, so when other life issues try to interfere that is where stress comes into play.    So I had my share of stress on Monday.

I shouldn’t complain too much it wasn’t life threating stress, not even a stress that makes you want to pull a few hairs out of the already thin layer of hair on my head.  It was just an aggravating stress, the kind that makes you want to say” OK I AM DONE NOW, I WANT MY WEEKEND BACK”

I was working in the mid-day getting ready to go to lunch when my wife texted me saying she thought the battery in her car was dying.  I told her I would take it to be tested after lunch and she could use the car I drive to go back to her job.

After lunch she gets into the car and leaves and I am getting into the car she drives to take it to be tested.  As she leaves I am turning the key and ….. Nothing.  Yep the battery is dead.  Now what, I am so mechanically inept that I was in a panic.   But I did know enough to say ‘I WILL BORROW MY MOTHER IN LAWS CAR”

I did borrow her car to come back to the radio station to take care of some pressing issues all the while stressing out about the car with the dead battery.   I made a call to borrow a battery charger went home clipped it on for about an hour and it still wouldn’t start.  The stress level rises and I clean the battery post then hook up the charger for a jump start.  VICTORY!    I drive the car to a local parts place and they get out the tester and yep dead battery (Taps was playing on the radio) But now comes how to change it out.   Easy peasy it wasn’t.

A PT Cruiser and it’s engine compartment is tiny and to get to the battery you need to take off a couple of things that I the mechanically inept person would never be able to replace so I drive it to a mechanic shop that was just about to close, more stress but I decide no hair pulling, (lack of hair on top) I leave it there overnight.

Like I told you not a bad Monday but the stress level seemed to be higher because I had enjoyed my weekend so much.   I guess the life lesson here is “Don’t have a great weekend, because”


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