I love going to the Movies but Move critics not so much.  I might read them or listen to them but I do not base my movie going experience on them.

Now to be honest I don’t go to the movies very often.  Time is a problem and have a 4:15am wakeup call is another.   So when we go it is a matinee during the week or early on a Saturday.

Such was the case last Saturday when we decided to go see “THE DARK PHONIEX”.  The latest in the X-men themed movies.   Most Critics did not like it but my wife and I loved it.

I have two theories

  1. A movie critics paid to be critical and they somehow feel they have to find ways to minimize their enjoyment of a film.’
  2. Marvel Movieitist – my theory is that all Superhero movies are now compared to the MCU.  I know the X-Men are part of Marvel but not really part of the Avengers Universe.   So as good as most of those movies are (except Ragnor Rock) all other Superhero films are sometimes compared when they should not be.

Like the DC films “Dark Phoenix” is a darker film with a more serious tone. There is nothing wrong with that.   So without giving a spoiler here, I did have one problem with Dark Phoenix and it involved a plot hole the size of that pot hole on Main Street!

So don’t get caught up in all the Critics and negativity.   We all have different taste in everything.

Some we even like OPERA, instead of Rock and Roll. Some prefer Tofu to Bacon (Shocked I know) and some of us even enjoy movies the Critics hate.

Then there are movies that critics like and I could not stand.    The one that most people are shocked to find out I did not like at all was ……”Field of Dreams”.  To me that was a snooze fest and I have only found one other person who agreed with me.

The film “Crouching Tiger – Hidden Dragon” was praised by critics but I was so glad I didn’t pay for it in the theater.   I would love to see what Mystery Science theater would do to that film

That proves my point I think!    Your personal taste is just that.   If I like a movie you thought was awful, that is OK.  If we all had the same taste this would be a very boring world.

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