September 4th 2015

I have lived in Logan since 1995, however my ties to Logan and Utah State are much deeper!

Growing up in Memphis Tn I was always a football fan, with ties to Utah I would try to catch game on TV when they were shown.  In the early 70’s I talked my mother into letting me go to my very 1st college football game, so my sister Judy and I got on board a city bus and traveled to Liberty Bowl Stadium to see our local hero’s at Memphis State play Utah State University!  Yes my 1st college football game was seeing the Aggies!

Flash forward to the early 90’s, I am living in Missouri and I am given tickets to a U of M game in Columbia and that game had the Missouri Tigers against The Utah State Aggies again.

Flash forward again to 1995 and I move to Logan Utah and marry a wonderful lady who is a native of Logan and a huge Aggie fan herself.   So as she and I follow the USU over the years we attended several football and basketball games, having a blast watching our Aggies.

Once again we Flash forward to 2015, I am working on the radio at KOOL 103.9 and loving it.   Also in the building is 610 KVNU the radio station that broadcast the games.  Al Lewis and Craig Hislip actually recommend me to USU for a possible Stadium announcer for Aggie Football.   The job was actually was offered to me after the Spring scrimmage.

September 3rd 2015 was my 1st chance to actually do the PA during a real game.  I had studied and practices names, and boy are some of the names hard to pronounce.  But I learned them and thought for the most part I got them correct.

The game itself was fun and went down to the wire with Utah State winning 12-9 over Southern Utah University.  L didn’t get home until 11:30 and finally got to sleep about 12:30 am with the alarm going off at 4:30am.  Tired but excited I came to the radio station and once again had a blast playing the Greatest Hits of All Time.  Several listeners called and were very nice in the words to say “I DID GOOD”.   Thanks,  I know it wasn’t perfect but I will get better and I am looking forward to the rest of the season.