I’ve known it for years but now I David Denton confess.  I AM A COUCH POTATO.

I grew up watching TV and I love it, sometimes too much but I try to have my priorities right.

Today I pledge that from this date forward, if something I need to do or interferes with my TV viewing I will set up my DVR and watch it later.

I found this from the New York Times

On average, American adults are watching five hours and four minutes of television per day. The bulk of that — about four and a half hours of it — is live television, which is television watched when originally broadcast. Thirty minutes more comes via DVR.

I watch all kinds of TV, comedies’, drama’s documentaries, movies and more.

Now with the new TV season here I will be packing that DVR with stuff and using the on demand programing tool

Over the past few years streaming services are adding to our list of shows to watch.  Hulu, Netflix, cable channels, and specialized streaming services.  This week DC comics will launch a steaming service that I would love to have but just don’t have time for.   It will feature DC superhero movies, animated movies and animated TV series.  They even will have original programing like Titans.   This will be a dark series based on the team called Titans led by Dick Grayson the original Robin now known as Nightwing, it looks awesome.

So why the popularity of streaming services?  Technology has driven it plus I believe the success of on the services I subscribe to.  The WWE network!

On Valentine’s Day of 2014 Titan sports and the WWE launched the WWE network.  The network’s drawing card was not only 24 hour a day content but all the PPV shows were included in the monthly subscription cost of just 9.99.

I was not sure if the idea would last so I didn’t sign up for 1st year but I finally relented and now I am a subscriber and happy with the service too.  Now the WWE network is closing in on 2 million subscribers.  Think about that for just a moment….. This is very limited market yet there are almost 2 million people who pay the 9.99 a month. (Recent pricing changes have been announced)

So as I have my DVR set up to record my favorites.  The big Bang theory. Young Sheldon, Homicide Hunter, The Next Food Network Star, Live PD and more I think my next Staycation will be called making a permanent butt print on the couch cushion staycation.

Dang I love TV.

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