The latest Michael Hutchence documentary, titled, Mystify Michael Hutchence, is now out on Blu-ray and DVD with an hour of bonus footage. The film, which premiered in theaters last summer, was directed by Richard Lowenstein, the man behind most of INXS' groundbreaking '80s videos, along with Hutchence's sole starring role in a major feature -- 1986's Dogs In Space.

The film features unique archival footage from Hutchence and his closet intimates who touch upon not only his fractured family background and massive stardom, but also a horrific freak accident in Copenhagen, which resulted in the singer losing his sense of taste and smell, while dealing with profound changes in his personal life.

Michael Hutchence was found hanged in his hotel room in Australia back in 1997. He was 37-years-old. Tiger Lily Hutchence, who turned 21 in 2016, is the singer's daughter with the late-Paula Yates. Upon her mother's early death in 2000, she was adopted by Yates' former husband -- Live Aid organizer and Boomtown Rats leader -- Bob Geldof and raised with the couple's children.

Shortly before his death, Michael Hutchence spoke candidly about laying his hard partying days to rest: "I don't go with all this thing about, 'Ooh, you got a baby and you got married and that's it, man. Yeah, see ya.' The hours are the same with a baby and I think it doesn't make any difference. I think it just adds to your life. I'm actually not interested in spending every single night of (laughs) my life till the sun comes up in a bar, or whatever. I'm just not as interested in that sort of thing anymore. I still do it occasionally, but it's just boring."