Tom Petty's daughter, filmmaker Adria Petty, has compiled the video for her father's track, “For Real.” The previously unreleased song serves as the closing number on the career-spanning Petty compilation, The Best Of Everything. The 38-track set includes two previously unreleased tracks — “For Real” and an alternate version of the title track, which restores a never-heard second verse to the song that was originally recorded for 1985's Southern Accents album.

Adria spoke about “For Real” to Rolling Stone, admitting, “It hit me pretty hard the first time I heard it. I was told he wrote in his hotel room the night before, and it feels very raw and sincere. It really stood out as something pretty profound, sort of from the grave, right? Just a real assessment of his strange reality of being a living legend. It touches on the things my dad believed in, his core values, like being authentic and not just being part of the pastiche of pop culture.”

Tom Petty admitted that songwriting could pose some difficulties depending on how the songs come about: “They're equally hard — they're equally easy. I'll tell you what's tough for me, when I write lyrics first. I have a real hard time finding the right piece of music that I think, sort of, matches the color of these lyrics. I always hope that I get at least a verse, or a chorus — something — come in as I find the melody. And that would usually guide me. But it has been tricky sometimes to get music to fit lyrics.”