Paul McCartney & Wings' iconic “Wings Over Europe” double-decker tour bus goes under the hammer today (October 8th). The bus, which was decked out in psychedelic paint, transported Wings during its 1972 European concert tour, which played 25 dates over six weeks. The trek was the band's second outing — following the previous February's impromptu “University” tour in which McCartney & Wings showed up at British Universities and offered to play that night unannounced.

The officially publicized and organized European tour played France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, and Belgium, marking McCartney's first European dates since 1965.

The bus, which lay in disrepair for decades and was found in Tenerife off the coast of Spain, made its way back to Britain and is now being sold by Omega Auctions in Northern England — with an estimated value of up to $37,700. The BBC reported, “The bus originally served local routes in Essex and Norfolk in the 1950's and '60s before being bought by McCartney, who didn't fancy being cooped up in a normal bus during the summer tour in 1972.”

Paul McCartney's first touring lienup of Wings included his wife Linda on keyboards, guitarists Denny Laine and Henry McCullough, along with Denny Seiwell on drums. McCartney looked back and explained that in short, he needed a band to stay in the game: “Well, I mean, I thought at the time, I thought, 'Well, if I don't form a band, and I don't keep in 'the business,' then after a couple of years I'm gonna find I can't sing and I haven't got that knack in front of an audience.' Y'know, you can lose it dead easy. So, I did it really to kind of keep oiled, like an athlete. Sort of, to keep doing it, in case I ever wanted to get serious again.”