Paul Simon has named the San Francisco Parks Alliance and Friends of the Urban Forest as the recipients of all net proceeds from his August 11th headlining set at the Outside Lands Festival held at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Although he's retired from touring, Simon had said prior to launching his farewell trek last year that he intended to continue to sporadically perform and donate the proceeds to charity -- preferably those focused on the environment.

In the announcement for the performance, Simon explained, "I’m looking forward with great anticipation to playing at Golden Gate Park this summer. This will be my first appearance there, and it’s an honor to join the long line of musicians who’ve given the park its sanctified musical heritage. I’m equally pleased to be playing in San Francisco with its well-deserved reputation for being in the forefront of environmental issues. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be of service to this vital cause."

Paul Simon explained that ultimately he's hopeful that the people inhabiting Earth will rise to the occasion to nurture and save the planet: "For the future of the planet and my children, I hope that we could, as a species, reach our potential for enlightened thinking; which you see everywhere, and of course that exists with the brutal part of our nature, and the greedy and the selfish part of our nature. So, I mean, if I were not a member of this species, I would not be a big fan of this species -- but I am, so that's where I hope we go."

Coming later this year will be yet another new Paul Simon album. During his final tour last year, Simon offered fans a music folio, which served as a concert program that included a six-sing MP3 download of a half-dozen songs, which are culled from his upcoming rarities collection, titled Alternative Tunings.

No street date has been announced for the rarities set.