Pearl Jam is offering teases of two new songs from the band's upcoming album, Gigaton, ahead of the LP's release.

The Seattle act's 11th studio effort arrives on March 27th and the group has posted previews of songs titled "Who Ever Said" and "Quick Escape." "Who Ever Said" opens the disc, while "Quick Escape" follows on the 12-song track list right after current singles "Superblood Wolfmoon" and "Dance Of The Clairvoyants."

Guitarist Mike McCready recently said, "Making this record was a long journey. It was emotionally dark and confusing at times, but also an exciting and experimental road map to musical redemption. Collaborating with my bandmates on Gigaton ultimately gave me greater love, awareness and knowledge of the need for human connection in these times."

McCready was asked a while back how Pearl Jam has managed to stay together for almost 30 years: "With a lot of careful effort and talking to each other, I think, and hopefully having as clear lines of communication between each other as possible. I think we take the time to want to find solutions for the stuff that goes on in our band, if there's issues and problems and things, 'cause I think we love each other, and I know we love each other, and I know I love playing music with these guys."

Although Gigaton is still on track for release on the 27th, Pearl Jam has postponed its touring plans behind the album, including a spring North American run, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.