My wife and I try to have most of our Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving.   I can handle the crowds of people shopping and the constant Christmas music.   But what I really like to do is people watch.   But not in a creepy way.

People watching is kind of like watching TV.  You see heartwarming interaction, some not so heartwarming. But often some of the funniest things can be seen just by people watching.

Here are 2 of my favorite people watching moments.

Last year I needed a haircut and went to one of the salons inside of a large store.  After getting the haircut. I did a little Christmas shopping. Then I heard a sweet little voice singing ‘JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS.”  Those were the only words she knew to the song but she was singing them loud and proud.   Let me tell you my heart melted.

As I shopped the little voice was gone but as I was checking out I heard it again.  JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS.  My heart melted a second time but not for the same reason.

My hear melted because there a few isles from me was not only the beautiful little girl but also her mother who was letting her child share her Christmas Joy with me and everyone else in the store.     I saw so many people smiling that day all thanks to a sweet little girl and a patient Mother.  JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS.

Another Christmas People watching moment was accidental in more than one way.   I was at a local market waiting in my car in the parking lot while my wife was in the store.  I was sitting with the car radio on (KOOL 1039 of course) just enjoying a cool quite December evening when CRASH.

What was that, did a couple cars crash, did I need to call 911, was anyone hurt.  As I looked around I saw the source of the crash and good belly laugh too.  It was a Clark Griswold moment.

A family had been Christmas shopping and also decided to purchase a tree.  A GRISWOLD FAMILY CHRISTMAS TREE.   It was a big tree.   I had overheard the family discussing what to do with the tree.  The man of the family didn’t want to tie the tree to the top of the vehicle, he could squeeze the tree inside.  He took that back gate and kept pushing until CRASH, the back windshield had popped out and crashed on the parking lot.  HE WAS NOT HAPPY!  As the man’s wife was saying in disgust “What are we going to do now” I could hear him say “JUST GET IN THE CAR”

In my mind all I could hear was Clark Griswold saying.  “We’re going to have the hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby danced with Danny****** Kay.

People watching is fun during the holiday’s

Now on to something not as fun as Jingle bells and Clark Griswold.   The death of Marvel Comic legend Stan Lee, had most people talking about the influence in our Pop Culture.   But one man decided to make this man’s death into a political statement.   Bill Maher wrote a blog post saying comics are for kids ( I read comics and I am proud to say that)  Hey Bill I have no problem with you saying that  but when you said that people who read comics are probably the kind of people who voted for President Trump.     Where in the name of Spider-man did that come from?  People including me we upset that he took this man’s death to belittle people who voted the way he didn’t want them too.      Come on Bill it’s just comic books.

Now Bill goes onto a recent episode of Larry King Now and was asked about people being angry with him over his statement

Here is audio so you can hear it for yourself,


Bill you have just proved my point. Are comic books and superhero movies anything more than entertainment.   You tell me, Comics have addressed such social ills as child and spouse abuse, White collar corruption, Drug addiction, racism and more.

You have a superiority complex and think people who don’t agree with you the issues are beneath you.   You come across as an angry old man who is standing outside saying “GET OFF MY LAWN”

Sorry about the rant but he really made me angry, he has every right to his opinion, I just did not like his pompous attitude and to bring politics into was completely uncalled for


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