Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell is "devastated and heartbroken" after thieves made off with his luggage, which contained a piece of jewelry that had belonged to Farrell's late father.

Farrell posted a photo of the item on Twitter, writing, "My father made this as a jeweler in the 70s. It is the ONLY thing /inheritance I have from him. It was in the bag that was stolen out of my driveway. Please help me get it back. I am devastated and heartbroken."

Farrell's wife, Etty, tweeted about the theft on Thursday (January 3rd), writing, "As we were moving the heavier pieces of luggages into our house after coming home from our Aspen holiday, we left Perry's carry-on, an Alexander McQueen, on the ledge next to the gate. It wasn't there when we went back for it. 2005 red Toyota Avalon."

Etty's tweet included what appears to be surveillance video of the incident. A red car can be seen pulling up to the Farrells' driveway and a woman exits the vehicle from the passenger side. She walks up to where Perry's bag was placed and picks it up before running back to her car. The incident took place in Santa Monica, California.