Peter Frampton launches his 52-date farewell tour tonight (June 18th) at Tulsa, Oklahoma's Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa. Frampton has been forced to say goodbye to the road upon discovering he's suffering from a degenerative muscle disease called Inclusion-Body Myositus, that slowly weakens the body's muscles.

For the majority of the dates, beginning on June 27th in Nashville, Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening will serve as the opening act. In addition to all his classic hits, Frampton will be performing selections from his newly released first blues collection, titled All Blues.

Peter Frampton, who recently turned 69, admitted to us that despite his advancing age, he feels just as energetic once he hits the stage as he did back in the 1970's: "The thing is that I feel the same as I did when I started inside, it's just the casing that changes. Y'know, I still have the same excitement for what I do -- which I think is pretty amazing. I don't understand it myself, but I do! It's still an addiction to music -- if you want to put it in brutal terms. Y'know, what else am I gonna do, it gives me so much pleasure."

Peter Frampton told us that back during the original Frampton Comes Alive era, his legendary black Gibson Les Paul was a warhorse onstage and unlike today -- when due to various tunings, he can go through half a dozen guitars during a single show -- the guitar had to handle everything Frampton threw at it: "We didn't have more than one guitar in those days, y'know. If you wanted another guitar, you sold the one you had to get another one (laughs). So it was only. . . I think I had a white backup Les Paul -- that was about it. And nobody really had backups of things -- that was it. I think if there was different tuning for 'Nowhere's Too Far (For My Baby)' I would do it before the number onstage by myself. I don't tune myself anymore; I have someone I pay to do that (laughs) -- fancy schmancy, yeah!"