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Writing a daily blog post each day has been a lot of fun and also hard at times. Subject matter is the hard part and with all the serious news I have to report on each day I have found it difficult.


As I was preparing for the morning show I came across something that brought a great deal of joy in my heart.  It was a story from ESPN 2 which talked about the lack of live sporting events for them to program so this Sunday on ESPN they will be showing some kind of strange events.  AX throwing and something called “Slippery Steps” which is fun because you get to see people slip and fall ….now that is almost as fun as watching Pro Wrestling.  But the thing that got me excited was watching Miniature Golf.  I prefer to call it PUTT PUTT.

I found my love of PUTT PUTT with my cousin Randall, when he would visit we would make our way to one of many courses in Memphis.

Most people enjoy the unusual layout of the holes, the loop to loops the secret passages, the moving obstacles. Yeah that is fun but I really liked what we would call a PUTT PUTT course.
To me a real PUTT PUTT course use sloping hills some stationary obstacles that were placed perfectly so you would not have a straight shot to the hole.  You would have to bounce your ball off the board to get it rolling in the right direction and if you hit it right A HOLE IN ONE!  I actually got pretty good at the angles and the boards but man the slopes and hills would frustrate me.

Randall and I would play for hours because we would go at times when they had play all you want for one price!

On my 18th birthday I hit the legal age in the state of Tennessee and that day was another special day.   It was the day I graduated from HIGH SCHOOL.   (I might write more about that day at a later date because most of the day was not good)   I had friends who found out I was 18 and legally by beer invited me to after graduation parties  but that was something I never got into so a few friends and I celebrated by going to a 24 hour PUTT PUTT !   Yes I am a party animal.   We started at midnight with no one else there for most of the night.  About 3:30 were PUTT PUTTED out.  We ended the day with an early morning breakfast at Waffle House.   Then it was home by 5am.   That is a favorite memory.  Maybe my best memory from my high school years.

About 20 years ago a local miniature golf course here was wanting to do something fun with the radio station.  So we had our own golf tournament called the MINI MASTERS.  No green jacket for the winner but dang we had fun.

So this Sunday on ESPN two I will try to take a little PUTT PUTT in but I would guess that PUTT PUTT will turn into a NAP NAP!

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