Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien believes he has contracted the coronavirus. In an interview with Uproxx, O'Brien revealed that he's been sick for 10 days with flu-like symptoms and recently lost his ability to taste and smell.

He explained, "I Googled it last night and that's a classic symptom of the coronavirus." O'Brien cautioned that he has not yet been tested for the virus, but he and his family are self-quarantining in their home in Wales and that he is actually starting to feel better.

The guitarist added, "For someone like myself, this is just a bad dose of the flu. I'm not in any way in danger. I basically sat outside all day because the weather is glorious. It's the first sunshine we've had this spring. It's not a bad place to be."

O'Brien, who was recently on the road promoting his debut solo album Earth, believes he may have contracted the virus at a TV studio in Paris. Although he is scheduled to launch a solo tour in late May, those plans will be delayed. O'Brien's Radiohead bandmate, Thom Yorke, was forced to postpone his own spring solo tour.