It looks as though Mick Jagger will be taking his one-year-old son, Devereux on the road with the Rolling Stones during their current European trek. According to, the baby's ballet-dancer mom Melanie Hamrick will be performing in the American Ballet Theatre’s (ABT) spring season, with a "ballet insider" revealing: "Mick is taking care of their baby for the duration of the ABT season . . . he’s taking his role as a father super-seriously, much to Melanie’s delight. . . They have a wonderful relationship -- he constantly travels, but they have found a way to make it work and be joint parents."

Jagger, who was mocked by fans by posting some very un-rock n' roll, good natured "dad" comments on 19-year-old son Lucas' Instagram page, is said to be: "Totally immersed in his own life, and is a doting dad." In addition to the toddler "Dev" and Lucas, Jagger's other children include Karis, 47; Jade, 46; Elizabeth, 34; James, 32; Georgia May, 26; and Gabriel, 20.

  • Mick Jagger says that the ultimate job of any parent is rearing their kids to become fully self-sufficient: "The thing is about children is just teaching them to be independent, look after themselves. That's the challenge. That's the whole idea of it, it is that they are helpless at the (laughs) beginning, and then as they go on, and they learn to feed themselves and it's hard, sort of, letting go as a parent with that. That's one of the problems that's actually the parent's problem, is y'know, letting go of the child to some extent." :
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