Roger Waters has released a 30-second trailer to his upcoming Us + Them concert film. The movie is directed by Waters and Sean Evans and features scenes from the concert tour juxtaposed with clips from war torn locales across the globe. Us + Them will run in theaters worldwide over two nights -- October 2nd and 6th.

Rolling Stone posted a quote from Waters about the movie, saying, "I’m so looking forward to the launch of the movie in October. Us + Them is not standard rock & roll fare, some in the audience may ‘yee haaaa!!!’ Which is OK, but many will weep. That is what I hope for. Us + Them is a call to action. Homo Sapiens stand at a crossroads: We can either pool our love, develop our capacity to empathize with others, and act collectively for the good of our planet, or we can remain 'Comfortably Numb,' and continue, like blind lemmings, on our current omnicidal death march towards extinction. Us + Them is a vote for love and life."

Roger Waters touched upon the difference between where he believes humanity is now and where is should be: "The world is a far worse place than it was just after the second World War, because it has been taken over by greed and corporate strategy and, y'know, the love of money. At the expense of joy that we all of us could get from treating each other more humanely."

The "Us + Them" trek, which played five legs across the globe over 157 shows, grossed a massive $198.46 million between May 2017 and December 2018.