Pink Floyd's Roger Waters has been tapped as one of the keynote speakers at Austin's upcoming South By Southwest (SXSW) conference, which will run from March 13th to the 22nd. quoted SXSW chief programming officer Hugh Forrest as saying, "SXSW continues to be a unique destination for innovation and discovery, and we're excited about the addition of the many groundbreaking pioneers, influential voices and business leaders that we've added to this year's lineup."

Previous SXSW keynote speakers have included Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, the Beastie BoysAd-Rock and Mike D., Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, and Garth Brooks, among others.

Earlier this fall, Roger Waters released his most recent concert film, Us + Them, which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival. The film, which was directed by Sean Evans, was captured over four nights last June at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome. Us + Them ran in theaters worldwide for just two nights -- October 2nd and 6th. No DVD / Blu-ray release date has been announced yet.

Roger Waters explained how his solo concerts gradually expanded into grandiose stadium events: "Well, y'know, we started doing arenas in the United States, and then we wanted to go to South America, so, we had to make the show a bit bigger. In South America they don't play hockey and they don't play basketball, so they don't have any arenas. Once you get past Mexico, they had the Olympic games all those years ago. So, you either play in a soccer stadium -- or you play in a club; and the show wouldn't fit in a club, so, we had to make it bigger so we could play in football stadiums."