I had a situation on Thursday that I think we have all faced at one time or another.  SHOULD I SEE A DOCTOR ABOUT THIS”

Here is what happened, I was feeling fine but if I tried to eat I would get a nasty pain in my jaw just below the ear.  This pain was sharp stabbing and made be grab at my jaw and then I noticed it.  You could see the swelling along my jaw line and you could feel the lump.   But is it bad enough to see a Doctor.

This time it was.  I went to an Insta Care and the doctor said I had infection in a saliva gland that needed treatment.  I almost felt relived.  You have all kinds of thought when you have pain.  Was it a bad tooth, was it an ear ache or worse.

But there is always that nagging question when something is wrong.  It is like the song from the CLASH! “Should I stay or should I go”.  I have gone to the Dr and it turned out to be nothing.  I have gone to the Dr and it was serious, but boy do you feel silly when it is nothing or next to nothing.   I second guess myself every time.

So today I got on the web and found a site Merikmannuals.com which gave some advice.

Many symptoms and problems can be handled at home. (Gee thanks, I knew that already)

They went on to say, people with certain health issue should see a doctor when new symptoms develop.  The website added that when you are unsure about seeing a Dr or health care provider you can call the office for guidance. (That is what I did on Thursday).

So the question of when to see the Dr is a hard one, it cost money and health care can be expensive.    I guess I don’t have many answers but really you only have one life and your body is trying to tell you something,  So if the question is “Should I stay or Should I Go”  I would probably GO!

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