Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder revealed in an interview with Yamaha Guitars that the alternative rock veterans have completed a double album for release later this year, while leader William Corgan is already at work on songs for another LP.

Schroeder explained, “Billy has already started working on another new album. We have actually 20 new songs coming out this year that we just finished kind of right before this all started. He's taking the time to get the ball rolling on even another new album.”

Schroeder added, “Once we can all get together and work on that we'll try to even do some more music since there's some time.” Schroeder said that he's been playing “a ton of guitar” and writing music on his own during the coronavirus shutdown.

The new Pumpkins album will be the band's 11th full-length studio effort and will follow up 2018's Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun.

That disc marked the first time that three original members of the Pumpkins — Corgan, guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin — had recorded together in more than 18 years. The band also embarked on a successful tour that year.