To be honest I am kind of liking this Social Distancing.  I am basically a home body anyway. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy seeing my friends but I have found with everything going on and being asked to not gather in groups of more than 10 and if the “COVIDIOTS” of this world don’t comply we could see stronger restriction like were order in Idaho.

Ask me again in a few weeks when my eyes start bugging out and I am screaming for more social interaction but for now I am really enjoying a simpler life style.

I do have one worry and it has nothing to do with the virus in a technical sense.

‘It’s the economy stupid” I feel horrible small businesses who were struggling and now this.  I know the federal government is addressing how to deal with this economic downturn.

I am worried because my perception of Washington is not good.  I see grown men and women who firmly believe in issues but to see both sides of the isles trying to fund pet projects that don’t address how you and I are going to survive this.  But to see and hear the name calling from both sides of the political spectrum really disappoints me.  I have seen 5 year olds who act better than these “ADULTS”   I told a friend of mine recently I am seriously considering not voting for any sitting federal government officer.  But when I say this I see a candidate who I cannot support in any way.

SO I will spend my social distancing day trying to keep my distance from the politics in the news and focus on the human impact and try my best to help those around me.

But only if they have TP and hand sanitizer!

Here is some lighter moments in the Covid 19 news

Stupid news

Laff lines