October 4, 2017

Boy life as a morning radio DJ can be pretty rough but it does have it’s rewards.   I woke up this morning at 4am after having the best sleep I have had in several days.   I get to the station about 5am and get to work and of course one of the computers we use has decided to give me more gray hair.

After rebooting the computer ( wanted to boot it with my size 14 boot) it was time to get ready.   I spent the next few minutes in what is called show prep to get ready for the morning show.   Then at 6am I am off and running.  Producing things like the Stupid news and other fun things to hopefully make you smile and maybe laugh a little.  As time starts to pass and it get closer to 10 am I am usually a little tired and of course hungry.  It’s time for a break and as I am getting ready for “NATURE’S CALL”  I get a message from the front office. And what a surprise it was

A very nice couple had come by the station and said they wanted to say Hi to me.   Martin Arellano and his wife ( sorry I didn’t get her name) told me how he listens everyday and said some very nice things about the station and some things that were of a personal nature and touched me deeply.   We took some pictures  and talked for a while .

Martin works at Bear River Middle school and said we have a lot of listeners there.  So HI Bear River Middle school.

Here is some of the things we did this morning including stupid news, being smart, a divorce and Rodney Dangerfield on being UGLY in laugh lines.

Once again thanks to Mr and Mrs Arellano for making my day