“Look up in the sky”

Tried that once and I got bird poop in my eye!  LOL

Seriously today is National Superman Day!  He has been such an important part of my life.  He is in my top 5 of Superhero’s

One of my favorite memories is watching the Adventures of Superman in black and white on Saturday mornings.  I used to put on my cape (bath towel) and pretend to fly.  In my teenage years I wanted X-ray vison, I mean I really wanted that X-ray Vision.

Here is a surprise, I am not of big fan of the Christopher Reeves movies.  I saw everyone and enjoyed them, but I did not love them.

I guess that comes back to my favorite way to enjoy supes is when he teams with Batman and the Justice League.

When Batman-v Superman came out I could not go.  I was in the hospital after a knee replacement. Critics and some fans did not like the movie but for me LOVED IT!  I even watched it again last weekend.

I love Superman!  Why?  Because I have always felt like a strange visitor from another planet!

That and really wanting that X-ray vision

Here are some pics of my Super Collection