March 13, 2015


When I was a kid I didn’t like wearing shoes, running on green grass and even on gravel didn’t bother me at all. And then it happened—I GREW UP! It seems as I aged my feet got softer and now as I age my feet hurt!
I recently found this small article about not wear shoes around the house. So now I have several reason to feel like a kid again and not wear shoes at home. I wonder if I showed the boss this if I could be shoeless Dave at the station. Don’t count on it, so here from a website called Treehugger are 5 reasons for going shoeless at home.
1. It’s cleaner, obviously. Which is the main reason people do it. The less dirt you track in, the less you have to clean.
2. It ruins your carpet. And that’s even if your shoes AREN’T dirty. Walking on a carpet in shoes messes it up faster than walking in socks or bare feet.
3. Shoes are covered in bacteria. A recent study at the University of Arizona found TONS bacteria on people’s shoes, including E. coli and meningitis.
4. They’re also covered in toxins, like pesticides and herbicides. Especially if you’ve been in a garden. But even if you just walked across someone’s yard.
5. It’s better for your feet. For most people, walking around without shoes makes your arches stronger.
And it can also relieve stress, because taking your shoes off when you get home subconsciously tells you it’s time to relax. (Treehugger)

We had a lot of things to talk about this week from aggie basketball, Will Ferrell baseball and baseball hot dogs
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Dave Denton