Today is National Hair Day!

But since mine is getting pretty thin on top and has gone from Brown to …..Well let’s just say slightly gray….. Well to be truthful my hair is white!  Children come up to me thinking I am Santa!   I then inform them that I am not Santa……..but I am his cousin!

Today is also National C.D. day.  Ahh, the compact disc the last C.D. I bought was the best of Loverboy.  I even got it before the concert this summer.

I love the CD it was digital and at 1st we were told the disc was indestructible.  Not so 8 track breath.   The 1st time I saw a CD was a demonstration from a record store owner trying to sell the radio station I worked at to switch to the new technology.   He took the disc threw it onto the parking lot stomped on it a few times!    Then to show off the disc placed it in the player and hit the play button and it skipped and popped  and did that digital hung up sound of a half note repeating.  The look on his face was like a child who had the top part of his ice cream cone fall on the ground.

But the digital was here and most people download their music, which is OK but I miss checking out the liner notes you could read on an L.P.  And even the CD you would need a magnifying glass to read them.   You would find out great trivia about the artist, musicians and even guest back- up vocals.  My favorite liner note came from a disc a friend owned it was “USE YOUR ILLUSION” by Guns and Roses.  I can’t quote it because of certain words but let’s just say they did not like the city of St.  Louis.

I still own a lot of CD’s and even the 1st one I bought, a 4 disc set of Motown Songs.   So celebrate the CD break out your favorite disc and crank it up.   Or just Crank up KOOL


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