The inspiration of today’s blog came from a couple of sources.  We talked about healthy foods

Rob Haze on a bad job talking about a bad job

And all of this made me think of the Beach boy song called “When I grow up to be a man”.  So what did I want to be when I was a man, Oh the usual a Doctor, a teacher (but I found out you need good grades so that was out). I also wanted to be a weather man or a Pro football player or Professional Wrestler.  Yes there was a time that I thought about that.  At the age of 16 I found my profession Radio.   I think being on the radio is easier on my body than playing football or bumping heads with John Cena in the WWE.

My 1st job was kind of unusual.  I worked in a Junk Yard, or as the owner called it” Transport Salvage”  Others there got to work with tools and saw’s but not me NOT DAVE.  The boss told me I was there to lift things and move things around.   He had seen my complete lack of skill with a tool.   A skill that still eludes me to this day.

Except for a couple of short stints working for convenience stores I have always worked in radio.  Which I am thankful for because there are some weird jobs out there, but hey they pay pretty well.

Here is a list of some professions that are unusual, but somebody has to do them.  Pet Waste Tech, picking up dog poop.  Certified Ethical computer hacker.  Portable Toilet Route Driver.  Crime scene cleaner.  Fortune cookie writer.  Golf Ball Diver.  Professional snuggler, and it has nothing to do with………

Pet food taster.   There are even Professional Scrabble players and Pro Putt Putt golfers.

Just goes to show there are plenty of jobs out there if you look really really hard.   But if you get the Pet food taster job, NEVER INVITE ME TO DINNER!

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